My Energy Healing Treatments

Many energy healers use several different modalities, but I have always found everything I need to help people in Healing Touch. All my energy healing treatments are done from one modality.  My skills have deepened over years of practice, intuitively developing my own techniques for things like migraines, trauma release & chronic pain.  Healing Touch is also beneficial for back issues, relief from chemo side effects, grief, anxiety/depression, pre & post surgery and much more. By healing the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies energetically, they shift and heal together holistically.

Healing takes place when you and I agree to work together.  You give me consent to work in your energy field, after that your only job is to be open and receive, even if that is done while sleeping.  My job is to be a conduit for your healing, moving your energy field with the intention for your highest good, and listening intuitively for what techniques are needed.  Yes, all this can happen no matter how far apart we are in the world. 

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Free Healing Consultation

What Happens Before Your Free Consultation?

First you email me requesting a free consultation.

Then I email back giving you 3 time options,  with an intake and consent form that you will fill out and email back before we connect by phone.

What Happens During Your Consultation?

This is our time to get to know each other.  We have a conversation, and ask each other questions.  We talk about your reasons for wanting or needing treatment and develop a treatment plan.  

Long Distance Healing Treatment

A long distance treatment happens after you and I have had a 30 minute free consultation, as it is important to establish a connection and understanding between us.  We agree on a treatment plan that will support your healing journey.

Then we set a time for your healing to begin.

The fee for your personalized treatment will be $125. plus tax.

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Daily Balancing

Daily Energy Boosting

Receive a treatment tailored to your needs every morning for a month. This could just be to energize you in the morning, to minimize chronic pain,  to clear your field every day, or to help with depression/anxiety.  Another option would be to receive it every evening to help with sleep.  Or we can discuss what a daily treatment would look like for you. 

For $500. a month plus tax it is a true gift to yourself as you are only paying $16. per day to feel better.