Tired of having Migraines

Updated: Mar 9

Even though this little guy looks like he has a bad migraine, I can assure you he did not.

This photo may be funny, but having suffered from migraines in the past, there is nothing funny about them.

Migraines are not only painful, but can be completely debilitating.

There are different types of migraines and there really isn’t a good medical way to help elevate them or make them stay away.

They are still somewhat of a medical mystery, and the drugs they offer to minimize them usually have side effects.

Over the years, I have had very good results with getting rid of migraines. My client C, was a tough case an I thank her for teaching me so much. She has given me permission to tell her story.

Although C smiles her way through the day she suffered for 50 years with migraines, only getting worse over the years.

We worked together for approximately a 6 month period of time.

We thought we conquered them fairly quickly, and in fact C didn’t have a migraine for about 3 months, but then they came back.

Instead of calling me to tell me, she just started on her old regime of taking drugs everyday.

She didn’t want to bother me!

C and I live about a 14 hour drive and 1 ferry trip apart from each other, so all our work is long distance.

We are also friends, she had been on my mind so one day I decided to call her and chat.

That is when I found out her migraines had returned about a month earlier.

She decided to start working together again as she really appreciated life being migraine free.

She sent me a good amount of money and said, when this runs out we will reevaluate.

Fortunately we didn't have to reevaluate.

I was very sad that her migraines had returned and was determined to help her live migraine free.

I just needed to find where and why she had this blocked energy that was causing the migraines.

What energetic pattern had been set in her body and why.

I had tried every treatment I learned, or had developed to help her, but I just couldn’t find her trigger.

I had been working on my own trauma and had learned a skill that helped me. I quickly adapted it to work energetically.

I asked her to send me a list of her traumas, using only one sentence for each, as I am not a counsellor, nor did I want her to start reliving her traumas.

Turns out her first head trauma was at age 5, and she had several other head traumas after that.

I had found the trigger.

Because it was such an engrained energetic pattern that had been reinforced several times at such a young age, it took about 10 treatments.

Each treatment showed improvement until they were gone.

It has been about 6 months and although C sometimes gets a regular headache, she no longer gets migraines and no longer lives on drugs.

If you are tired of having migraines call or email me to book your free consultation.

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