The Story Behind the Art

Thank you for visiting my art page,  I hope you found something that sings to your heart.

I just want to let you know that there is a story behind every image.  I feel that by telling you about all of them it may take some of the magic away for you and stop you from creating your own story around the art.  But I also know that for some of you you need the back story.  My offer is this, please email me and request the story about the image you are curious about.  I would love to share it.

Here is how you order:

  • Choose the image you want from a collection. 

  • Hover over SHOP NOW on the top Menu.  When the drop-down menu shows, click on the collection name.

  • Click on the image you want.

  • Select the size of an image(s) you want, click on the View Cart button, and continue on to the payment options.​​

*If you want a custom size please email me with the name of the photo, and the size you want.  I will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.​

*Please note that payment options are: Credit Cards, using Square, PayPal, and within Canada, email transfer.

Thank you in advance for appreciating my work enough to purchase it.​

*If you are interested in buying wholesale to complete your unique interior design for your hotel, spa or store, please contact me by phone or email, to discuss custom art (options not on this website), sizing and how I can best help you accomplish this.