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Why Healing Touch?

Because it changes lives.

Why Long-Distance Healing?

Energy is vibration. It doesn't follow time or space as we know it.  It follows intention.

Also, it's virus-friendly.

With a grounded, compassionate understanding of energy, I will guide as many people as possible through their physical, emotional and spiritual healing journeys, by being a conduit for healing.

Frankie Rose

My Offerings


Long Distance Healing Touch Treatment

Raise your Vibrational Energy to new heights. Start your healing journey with a free,

30 minute consultation to learn more, then book your treatment. 

Healing Pillows

Feel the Soothing, Warm, Healing Energy from your Rechargeable Healing Pillows. 

Energy Infused Art

Original Photos and Digital Energy Infused Art. 

Order your favourite Piece of Art now before it is archived, and new works of Art replace it.

I have combined my 2 passions, healing & art, into one company, Grounded in Healing. My belief is that physical, mental and spiritually healing is very important in these trying times. It’s also important to have art in your life that supports your healing journey.  Art that makes your heart sing and brings you joy.  

Start your healing journey now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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