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Photo by: Cassandra Smith

My Healing Story

In 2002 I started searching for a healing modality after my grandson was born with a birth anomaly. Healing Touch resonated with me because doctors and nurses studied it for CEU credits. Credibility was important to me as I was very skeptical.  I wasn't at all sure about all this "hocus pocus" stuff, but by the end of my first course, I was hooked.


At that point I still had no understanding of energy or how it worked.  I just knew that I had found something profoundly deep and that I was good at it. Whatever "it" was, it had changed my life in a very short time.


After all these years of learning and practice, I'm still only a student of energy, as it is really magical. As I keep learning I am grateful for the healing work I have been gifted with.  My life has been enriched by doing this work and I have enjoyed watching my clients heal and change because of the work we have done together.  I would be honoured to get to know you and work with you on your healing journey.


This photo was taken in a beautiful public walking garden in Istanbul.  It was breathtaking in the spring, filled with every colour of the rainbow.  

I chose these colours for my website as I enjoy the contrast of them like in this garden, but I'm also reminded that our chakras  follow the colours of the rainbow as well.  


Starting with the root chakra being red, the sacral is orange, the solar plexus is yellow, the heart is green, the throat is blue the brow or third eye is indigo and the crown is violet.


Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing is a concept that is somewhat hard to understand unless you are a Quantum Physicist, which I am not, so I don't fully understand it, I just know it works.


Without getting all "woo woo,"  it's all about intention, vibration, light,  and energy.  Some people may call it prayer, others a placebo. It doesn't really matter because it works.


There have been thousands of studies by many different hundreds of scientists and doctors, all with the same outcome... it works.


My basic understanding is that energy follows thought, energy doesn't follow time or space as we know it.  Everything, including us, are all vibration and light.  When I ground, raise my vibration, and set my intention for your highest good, the magic of healing happens.

My Art Story

When I was a young girl I begged my mother for drawing lessons.  She finally conceded, and I was so excited.  But after my first class, the teacher told me to not bother coming back because I couldn't draw.  I was shattered.  I never even picked up so much like a crayon after that,  until I was 30 when I found myself in college taking Interior Design.  I foolishly thought Interior Design had nothing to do with fine art.  I was so wrong.  

After completing 3 years combining Applied Art, Fine Art, and Photography, winning awards in both design and photography and spending years developing my skills, I now believe that person was just very unkind.  

 Over the years I have developed my style in abstract art using chalk pastel but realized somewhere along the way I had become prolific with a camera.  I didn't think of myself as a photographer because I didn't have a big expensive camera.  I mostly use a fairly nice point and shoot and my iPhone. I have discovered that it isn't only about the camera, but equally about the composition and the content. It’s about capturing an image that takes our breath away.

See the unusual within the pieces, feel the emotions they stir inside your body.  You may instantly fall in love with a piece and not understand why, until you hang it on your wall.  Or, you may find yourself reflecting on a piece over the next couple of days, slowly coming to the decision that you must have it and have found the perfect place for it in your home. Your process will be unique to you.  My hope is that the piece(s) you choose enhance your life and give you great joy.